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My name is Matty and I'm a photographer finishing up my associates degree at Suffolk County Community College and then going on to get my bachelors. I've always liked photos and photography since I was little playing around with the disposable Kodak cameras you get at the drug store and my dad's Polaroid camera. I never really took it seriously and developed an appreciation for it until I was 13 when my parents bought me my first camera. I started off using a Nikon point and shoot and didn't get my first DSLR until after I took a digital photo class in high school and  fell in love with it.


I've shot a lot of different things from landscapes to portraits to street photography but   my favorite things to shoot are abandoned buildings because there are so many interesting photos that can be made from all the details of the decaying structures and bands/music related things. Music is a huge part of my life so combining my two loves of music and photography created the ideal future profession for me. When I go to a concert or local show most of the time I'm bringing my camera with me. I aspire to work for a record label or music magazine.